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- Roy Haynes Trio, Roy Haynes -

Roy Haynes Trio -][- Roy Haynes – [Verve, 2000]

My introduction to Roy came with Pat Metheny’s trio record _Question and Answer_. I was immediately taken with his drumming on that record, and knew I had to seek out some more. This one gathered dust on my Wish List for way too long before I finally got around to picking it up, which is too bad. Here, the incredible dynamic tension of Roy’s drumming is matched up with the Latin-tinged piano stylings of Danilo Perez, and virtuoso bass god John Patitucci. The results are absolutely ELECTRIC.

Part of what’s great about this CD is that the songs represent kind of a sampling of the different artists Roy has played with over the years, starting with Bud Powell, through Birth of the Cool era Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Sarah Vaughn and Chick Corea, to name a few. Roy has played with just about everybody, and at 70+ years, he’s still tearing it up with the best of them.

I just have to shake my head in disbelief at the review a few reviews down that calls this album “really boring”, because that’s precisely the LAST thing I would call it. Just the playing itself is utterly fantastic, and the arrangements are very exciting too. Perez’s interpretations of Monk tunes are particularly invigorating. What jazz pianist, no matter what persuasion, hasn’t covered Monk tunes, if not done an entire tribute album to him? These guys know their roots and pay tribute to them with energy, vigor, and incomparable musicianship. You just can’t pass up this CD. —Micah Newman | Amazon.com

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