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Terri Lyne Carrington - The Mosaic Project

Hebert-Carrington Media (HCM) co-founder Terri Lyne Carrington continues her visionary musical odyssey by way of The Mosaic Project (GrooveJazz Media/Video Arts Music), her ambitious cross genre production featuring some of the world’s top musicians. The album will debut in Japan on September 1st in support of performances at Blue Note Tokyo, September 4th and Tokyo Jazz Festival, September 5th.

These are my friends, mostly old friends, and some new friends … and this is a mosaic of colors, shapes and textures, making a picture that I hope is informative and enjoyable to our fans.” – Terri Lyne Carrington

The veteran producer and composer is joined by Dianne Reeves, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Nona Hendryx, Cassandra Wilson, Esperanza Spalding, Helen Sung, Tineke Postma, Geri Allen, Patrice Rushen, Ingrid Jensen, Sheila E. and Gretchen Parlato. Additionally HCM artist, Patricia Romania is on The Mosaic Project. The Sao Paulo, Brazil-based singer recently won the Troféu Louvemos o Senhor 2010 award: “REVELAÇÃO BRASILEIRA FEMININA” (Best New Female); and, her HCM debut album, Sou Brasileira, (Groove Jazz Media/Pony Canyon Records) is being released exclusively in Japan on September 1.

Terri Lyne Carrington

The Mosaic Project includes music from several of the artists with instrumental and vocal tracks, commenting on historical and current themes/issues with the intent to offer an informative, enjoyable, listening experience, driven by creativity and consciousness. As with the mosaic art technique, the idea was for this project to vibrantly connect colorful pieces together to create something integral, using thoroughly composed song forms, some abstract improvising, and also the human voice – creating sharp shapes, with blurred edges.

Carrington proclaims, “The Mosaic Project is a beautiful gathering of great female artists, yet the beauty is also in the fact that you don’t hear gender. Though it is my project, it is the personalities, the lives, and the talent of all of these women that make this project so special and indeed a group offering and unique statement we made together based on common, yet diverse, points of view.”

Carrington has been at the top of the music industry for almost 25 years, collaborating with luminaries like Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Al Jarreau, Stan Getz, David Sanborn, Joe Sample, Cassandra Wilson, Clark Terry, Nancy Wilson, George Duke, Dianne Reeves, and numerous others. She recently returned to her hometown where she received an honorary doctorate from her alma mater, the Berklee College of Music, in 2003, and was appointed professor of percussion at the college. Carrington also serves as Artistic Director of The Berklee Beantown Jazz Festival.

The Mosaic Project

In speaking about her company overall, the entrepreneurial drummer continues, “A few years ago I went into partnership with media and digital visionary Robert Hebert. We started HCM because I saw that the future of my career would be dependent upon such partnerships that help artists and music related businesses become autonomous in the current paradigm of how music has begun to be marketed and sold. A strong digital presence is a must and I quickly realized that more and more artists were realizing they have to take more responsibility for the development of their own careers and not rely as heavily on record companies and managers. We quickly realized that the ideas we were developing for me would work tremendously for other artists and businesses, thus starting HCM Digital was a natural next step. We hope to help many artists continue to grow and develop their careers with them in the driver’s seat, their personalities and artistic visions driving their marketing, and with cutting edge technology. Also, we hope to help companies shift from what has been the industry standard way of doing things to creatively embrace all the new possibilities that the future of this business is demanding.”

HCM co-founder and media brand strategist Robert Hebert adds, “HCM is illustrating its vision of integrating the presentation of original and catalog music recordings, information access, digital media marketing, and commerce in Japan … We are doing this first with our own artists and projects: Terri Lyne Carrington and Patricia Romania of course, and the upcoming release on our other Brazilian singer (and songwriter) Danielle Mariuzzo; but, we also intend to do this via relationships with our friends: Miles Davis Properties, Toninho Horta, Nona Hendryx, Herbie Hancock, Robert Irving III, Mitchel Forman, Darryl Jones, Greg Phillinganes, and others. Thru our company: HCM Digital, we are launching an integrated digital marketing and eCommerce strategy for Terri Lyne and Patricia that breaks new ground — presenting their music, brands, video and other media in a compelling, immersive manner.”

About HCM

Founded in 2007 and based in Atlanta, Boston, New Jersey, Washington, DC, Chicago, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, HCM’s origins can be found in the long-term relationships of company co-founders: Robert A. Hebert, Esq. and Terri Lyne Carrington, composer / producer / pianist Robert Irving III, and High Tech entrepreneurs Frank White, Jr. and Dr. Bernard Yaged.

HCM is focused on new business models for the communications and media industry. The Company has the mission of exploring the right, flexible combinations of art and commerce to ensure it will thrive in the emerging New Media industry environment. Thru its label brands, e.g., GrooveJazz Media and Sonic Portraits Entertainment, over three years, HCM has carefully organized the requisite creative, business and technical infrastructure needed to deliver world-class media authored by highly creative artists. And, through its HCM Digital Team, the company can meet its vision of creating, producing, marketing, selling and delivering timeless, entertaining and informative media via all existing communications channels.

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At your leisure, take a virtual tour of Terri Lyne’s studio … http://www.terrilynecarrington.net/studio/

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