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Flux Classic Jazz Revisited

One of my main goals at The Urban Flux each week is to pursue and capture the images of these legendary artists and their compelling recordings from previous decades (primarily the sixties era) when cool jazz and be-bop reign supreme. It’s an honor to to be allowed to pay homage to these powerful voices who made an unmeasurable imprint in the fabric of our culture as the cornerstone of this phenomenal movement in jazz are simply unmatched.

Sonny CLark Trio - Sonny Clark

Sonny Clark -][- Sonny Clark Trio – [BLUE NOTE, 1957]

Sonny Clark always chose the best sidemen, when he led a recording session. Like on his marvelous quintet album “Cool Struttin‘”, on bass and drums we have the very best musicians of their time, namely Paul Chambers and Philly Joe Jones, so be prepared for some great music. Though also known as a good composer, here Sonny Clark concentrates on bop standards written by Gillespie or Dameron. It’s quite interesting to compare his version of “Be-Bop” with Bud Powell’s interpretations of that tune. You will notice, that Clark cannot be called one of those numerous Powell imitators, he’s got a different, more “funky” touch and phrasing.

About the other tunes on that album, just let me say, that I was surprised to hear his romantic solo version of “I Remember April“, usually played at fast tempo. “One Bass Hit” also is quite a surprise with Clark choosing the original big-band arrangement of that tune with it’s change of the key from C-major into D-flat for solos. Really a most enjoyable trio-album. —G. Schranke | Amazon.com

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