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Greeting’s jazz enthusiasts, after taking a short weekend excursion I’m back with another exciting list of new jazz releases. Today, I’m featuring “Never Stop” the latest masterpiece by progressive jazz trio The Bad Plus as our featured: “Album of the Week.”

Of course, each week I attempt to explore the intricate canvas of stimulating and innovative jazz that awaits us. You see, the origin of new music featured each week encompasses a generous diet of sounds which exudes a wealth of complex and distinctive styles, textures, melodies, and rhythms exalted by a host of definitive and creative voices in the world of jazz.

Featured Album of the Week


The Bad Plus -][- Never Stop – [E1 Entertainment, 2010]

For the past ten years The Bad PlusReid Anderson on bass, Ethan Iverson on piano and David King on drums have created an uncompromising body of work by shattering musical convention. Rolling Stone called their amalgam of jazz, pop, rock and avant garde about as badass as highbrow gets, while The New York Times said the band is better than anyone at mixing the sensibilities of post- 60s jazz and indie rock. Few jazz groups in recent memory have amassed such acclaim, and few have generated as much controversy while audaciously bucking musical trends.

Ten years together is a milestone we chose to mark with a set of originals, said Iverson. The new album, NEVER STOP, is a ten-track set, the group s first album of all-original material, strictly an instrumental affair and a collection whose live groove belies its studio origins. It s a rapid-fire succession of engaging performances showcasing the band’s range as well as its three distinct personalities. From gentle and melodic to fierce and abstract, from swing to 80s techno, NEVER STOP does just what the title says: it keeps rolling and flowing, a kinetic playground of new sounds.

With a year-long anniversary tour planned for 2010-2011, The Bad Plus is ready to solidify its status as the go-to band for the ultimate in jazz and beyond. You re going to have to deal with us some time or another,” says Iverson. “We re never going to stop. —Amazon.com

Check out this extended list of recordings by The Bad Plus

New Music Releases

Below we have list of this weeks latest jazz releases, also while you’re here check out Amazon.com for and extended lists of Imports, Vinyl, Soundtracks, and Re-issues.

-))- Mirror by Charles Lloyd Quartet (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Never Stop by The Bad Plus (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- And If by Anat Fort (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Straight Up With A Twist by Kristine W (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Stories Yet to Tell by Norma Winstone, Klaus Gesing, and Glauco Venier (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Never Can Say Goodbye: The Music of Michael Jackson by Joey DeFrancesco (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Friends & Strangers/Flame by Ronnie Laws (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- When Larry Met Harry by Larry Goldings & Harry Allen (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Forgotten 1949 Carnegie Hall Concert by Nat King Cole (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- The Window by Patrick Yandall (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Faith Love & Joy by Jonathan Butler (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Desert Island Dreamers by Pizzarelli Boys (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Quest for Freedom by Richie Beirach and Dave Liebman (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Live05 (Slim) by Colosseum (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Midnight Blue by Kenny Burrell (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Delicioso (Dig) by Tom Grant (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Onecept by David S Ware (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Sing (Dig) by Fay Claassen (Audio CD – 2010
-))- Point of It All (Jewl) by Robin Holcomb, Talking Pictures, and Wayne Horvitz (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Going Express by Helen Sung (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- I Dwell in Possibility Qby Theo Bleckmann (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Playlist: The Very Best of Weather Report by Weather Report (Audio CD – 2010) – Original recording remastered
-))- Fifty by Erik Friedlander (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Composer (Dig) by Don Friedman (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Seven Steps to Heaven by Miles Davis (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Sanssouci by Sony Holland (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Journeys (Jewl) by Cyrus Chestnut (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- I Plan to Stay a Believer: Inside Songs of Curtis by William Parker (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Back To The Bridge (Featuring Joey DeFrancesco) by Dan Adler (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Shapes (Jewl) by Dado Moroni (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Another Look (Dig) by Ryan Cohan (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Welcome to New York (Jewl) by Ehud Asherie (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Auction Project (Jewl) by David Bixler (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- When Lights Are Low by Denise Donatelli (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Whims of Chambers by Paul Chambers (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Animation/Soundscapes by Cedar Walton (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Portrait of New York (Jewl) by Dave Frank (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Global Dialects (Dig) by Kahiba (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Turning Me Jazz by Louisa Bey (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- In Our Own Sweet Way (Dig) by Carsten Dahl, Mads Vinding, and Alex Riel (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- One for Three by Jazz Baltica Ensemble (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Detour Ahead (Dig) by Jeff Oster and Welker Jazz Alliance (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Forever by Eddie Gomez and Cesarius Alvim (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Cathy’s Song (Jewl) by Bob Lark and Friends (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Give in to Love by Birdpaula (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Out Front by Rufus Reid (Audio CD – 2010) – Import
-))- Blues for the Date (Slim) by Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Warm Sea by 47.5 (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Second Side (Dig) by Brandi Disterheft (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Observatories by Blue Cranes (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- Solo by Chris Donnelly (Audio CD – 2010)
-))- What It Takes by Will Donato (Audio CD – 2010)

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