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Jason Robinson - Two Faces of Janus

Jason Robinson -][- Two Faces of Janus – [CUNEIFORM, 2010]

The Two Faces of Janus – one face looking at the past, one face looking towards the future. Borrowed from Greek mythology, Janus is an apt metaphor for the latest project by critically acclaimed reedist and composer Jason Robinson. The album features a stellar cast, all of whom are distinguished figures in jazz and improvised music as well as bandleaders in their own right. The music is angular, expressive, emotional and virtuosic and seam lessly moves from hard swinging grooves to beautiful ab straction.

Robinson’s playing and composing embodies the duality of the Janus metaphor–his music draws from the rich historical and modern traditions of jazz to forge a decidedly modern and unique musical vision. The Two Faces of Janus also positions Robinson–a West Coast transplant–within New York’s most innovative community of creative and visionary jazz musicians. Robinson has arrived.

At your leisure please visit, www.jasonrobinson.com for more details.

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