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Flux Classic Jazz Revisited

From my perspective, jazz is arguably beyond the scope of the ordinary soundscape in return disturbs the flow, energy and principles of novice, naysayers and critics alike desire to lock this beloved music into exile. With that said, I’m motivated to pursue these eternal images of legendary artists and their unpredictable yet compelling recordings at a time when cool jazz and be-bop collided to infuse a provocative template reign supreme as the new, hip and progressive sound to this day beckons jazz enthusiasts to embrace and savor these timeless treasures. No doubt, it’s an honor to be allowed the opportunity to pay homage to these powerful, and beautiful voices who made their unmeasurable imprint in the fabric of our culture as the cornerstone of this phenomenal movement in jazz. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

Jackie McLean - A Fickle Sonance

Jackie McLean -][- A Fickle Sonance – (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition) – [Blue Note Records, 1960]

Jackie McLean is one of my favorite artists that recorded for Blue Note in the 50’s and 60’s. His albums, the sidemen, the tunes, the cover art, and especially his playing is a treat for me.

I recently purchased another recording by him called Action, in which it was more avant grade and “Ornette Coleman” influenced. This session, of which is more “straight ahead” is a fantastic listen from start to finish.

There is such great variety on this cut. Every member of the group except drummer Billy Higgins contributed to the writing on the album. Sonny Clark’s Five Will Get You Ten is a great opener. The rhythm’s and of course the melody is fantastic. The other Sonny Clark original is Sundu, also a great track.

Mclean’s A Fickle Sonance is the title track. Butch Warren sets this nice tempo, where Billy Higgins comes in next, and then the horns. It’s pretty cool. Stanley Turrentine’s brother, Tommy wrote Enitnerrut for the record. Don’t try to say it; it’s his last name spelled backwards. And according to Ira Gitler in the original liner notes, if you’re the least bit backward, it won’t be hard for you to figure out who wrote the tune.

Overall this album was great. Another classic RVG edition in the Blue Note catalog. This album swings, and you’ll dig it! —Chris Covais | Amazon.com

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