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Flux Classic Jazz Revisited

From my perspective, jazz is arguably beyond the scope of the ordinary soundscape in return disturbs the flow, energy and principles of novice, naysayers and critics alike desire to lock this beloved music into exile. With that said, I’m motivated to pursue these eternal images of legendary artists and their unpredictable yet compelling recordings at a time when cool jazz and be-bop collided to infuse a provocative template reign supreme as the new, hip and progressive sound to this day beckons jazz enthusiasts to embrace and savor these timeless treasures. No doubt, it’s an honor to be allowed the opportunity to pay homage to these powerful, and beautiful voices who made their unmeasurable imprint in the fabric of our culture as the cornerstone of this phenomenal movement in jazz. –Rob Young | The Urban Flux

Charles Earland - Intensity

Charles Earland -][- Intensity – [OJC, 1972]

Lee Morgan’s trumpet cuts through and adds so much bite to these songs. There is a version of the tune, “Happy Cause I’m Goin Home” (by the band Chicago)that is simply brilliant music! A lively, happy, upbeat and very bright version. Throughout all of the songs included on this record the drummer fuels a unique, powerful high-energy. The Hammond B-3 playing by Charles is plentiful here: Lots of long solos where Charles stretches out … over and over again; against the heavy backdrop of a barnburner.

I kept looking at this CD in a display bin in the big music retail store downtown for months before I took the plunge. Then I ordered many CD’s by Charles that followed this one; one of the all-time great Charles Earland CD’s. A different sound here; not merely the run-of-the mill organ combos with these names. No way. Powerful, driving ensemble playing backing up burning B-3.

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