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***2007 JUNO NOMINEE – Best Jazz Vocal Album ***

Kellylee Evans - Nina

Kellylee Evans -][- Nina – [Plus Loin Music, 2010]

Ottawa singer-songwriter Kellylee Evans is entering the next phase of her music career with her sophomore album, Good Girl.

The alt.-soul pop recording follows her 2006 critically acclaimed urban-jazz debut, Fight or Flight, which helped garner the Toronto native Juno and Gemini award nominations in 2007 and a win for best female artist at the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards. Good Girl was written and produced by Kellylee at Audio Valley Recording Studio in Perth, Ontario, with the help of engineer and co-producer Steve Foley and her trusty touring band since 2005.

“With my last CD, which I did back in 2004, I felt that I didn’t get a chance to get a lot of my ideas out. I wanted that opportunity this time to see where the songs would go on my own,” she says. “The song ‘Good Girl’ is about not wanting to live up to anybody else’s expectations. The whole album is about being true to yourself and the idea of trying to please everybody around you. It’s just this desire to not be anybody’s good girl.”

From the reflective “Questioning My Path” about searching for one’s identity to the aforementioned inspirational groove “Good Girl,” and playful eye-opener “Tonight” about not wanting to fall in love with someone, many of the new songs deal with obsession of one kind or another and an ever-evolving stance on things big and small.

“If I just look at simple things, like a month ago I didn’t wear make up and now I do everyday. A few years ago I was told I was allergic to fragrances and so I didn’t use anything that was scented and now, everywhere I go, I’m looking for a perfect scent to wear,” she chuckles. “And there are still people in my life who I haven’t seen in a while who are like, ‘Oh Kellylee, you’re eating meat. You were the biggest vegan!’”

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