The Black Butterflies -1 de Mayo

The Black Butterflies -][- 1 de Mayo – [The Black Butterflies, 2010]

A delightful whimsy surrounds the room where 1 de Mayo descends, like a diaphanous sheet of sound amid its celestial wail. So extraordinary is the musical ensemble fronted by the hypnotic sound of Mercedes Figueras’ saxophones; doubly intriguing when entwined with the ululations and caterwauling ablutions of Tony Larokko’s horns. Mercedes Figueras is one of the most exciting saxophonists today. Enormously talented and with a voice as brilliantly eccentric as an exotic Amazonian bird, or in this instance, a very special black butterfly, she is unique among young musicians playing today. Her intonation is sharp and exacting and draws the fluidity out of every note she plays. She is capable of impossible whoops and graceful flights from a note in the lower register of, say, a soprano horn to a shrill leaping flurry of notes that take her ideas to dizzying heights. Her solos begin in linear, logical fashion, and then almost imperceptibly, she flutters into a different plane—almost into a dimension that did not seem to exist a moment ago. —Raul da Gama | LatinJazzNet.com

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