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- Gabriel Palatchi Band - Diario de Viaj -

Gabriel Palatchi Band -][- Diario de Viaj – (iTunes) – [Gabriel Palatchi, 2010]

It is highly unlikely that when Gabriel Palatchi set off on his travels, out of Argentina, he thought he would be undertaking a musical excursion so vast and exciting. But the fact is that it ended up that way. Palatchi, now living in Canada—at least for now—has produced a fine album marking his musical sojourn entitled, Diario de Viaje. Leading a fine ensemble of musicians from various parts of South America, Palatchi works the idioms and metaphors of various not-so-disparate cultures into a fine homogenous mixture that is both delightful and also quite full of surprise. As a result he is able to create a fresh look at the popular musical motifs of Argentina, Perú, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba.

Palatchi is a skilled pianist, who plays with refreshing virtuosity. His mastery of the keyboard does not detract from his ability to play with nuanced expression. His style is so adaptable that he can play with fine tumbao, holding forth with some of the better known pianists of Cuba and other parts of South America. His grasp of musical form is exquisite—especially with the song-form of the tango, as well as cumbia and son montuno. However, he is innovative as well—not just with the way he calls/classifies the melodies, but also how he sometimes turns these inside out. “Cumbia Rabiosa” is a fine example as is “Exodo” and “Tansongo.” Best of all, Palatchi knows his place in the tradition and this creates a fine continuity of form and expression, and nowhere is this better evidenced than in “Tansongo,” a beautifully crafted tango that reaches deep into the roots of both European dance form as well as in the African influences on all South America that came with the Spanish occupation. —Raul da Gama | LatinJazzNet.com

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