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Nicolas Cole, The Journey of One

Nicholas Cole -][- A Journey of One – [Nicholas Cole, 2010]

This is one contemporary jazz album you can cruise with, groove with, sway with and play with. The beats are pulsating and soulful. The compositions are slick and sophisticated wrapped around melodies that compel you to keep hitting replay.

Like so many others I started playing music in church and I still do to this day. However, I have never been limited to listening to just gospel music but rather a mixture of different types of music. Obviously my greatest inspiration has come from gospel and jazz but my mom and dad always taught me that the development of musical expression is enhanced by the exposure to a wide range of music. I’m still developing and I’m still influenced by so many artist like Richard Smallwood, Rascal Flatts, Brian Culbertson, Earth Wind and Fire, Kim Burrell and Kevin Bond. I hope you’ll like what you hear and will want to hear more. —Nicholas Cole

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