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The Post Modern Jazz Quartet - Blink of An Eye

The Post Modern Jazz Quartet” -][- Blink of An Eye – [Thirsty Ear, 2010]

The blending of jazz and electronics has been one of the more difficult musical challenges, as it attempts to humanize the machine or mechanize the free spirit of improvisation. It’s a very tricky balance to get right, as they can be on a collision course with each other. Bringing together the world-renowned electronic artist Scanner, who has collaborated with artists from every imaginable genre–musicians Bryan Ferry, Radiohead and Laurie Anderson–with jazz masters Matthew Shipp, Khan Jamal, Michael Bisio and Michael Thompson has created a post modern sound encased in a traditional form.

The results are unparalleled. Scanner becomes part of the PMJQ, creating cinematic textures that take a familiar jazz quartet sound and transforms it into a modern day experience in this world of bits and bytes.

Original Release Date: 10/25/2010

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