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Greetings’ jazz enthusiasts, I’m pleased to introduce you to one of the hottest bands stateside and currently internationally known fo/mo/deep. Their unique groove uncoils with a twist of eclectic jazz/funk rhythms that’s not heard often enough these days. Out of the pocket, fo/mo/deep does not hesitate to serve up a satisfying dish of soulful grooves, hypnotic beats and old school vibes that will you begging for more by these Columbus, Ohio natives. I was blown away by their tasty rendition of “Expansions,” originally recorded by keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

fo/mo/deep Eclecticism

fo/mo/deep -][- Eclecticism [fo/mo/deep, 2010]

Eclecticism – Drawing from a plethora of grooves/styles from around the world.

The above definition of the title of the first release from fo/mo/deep is provided on the back cover of the group’s new CD. Also included on the CD cover is a self-characterization by fo/mo/deep that reads “An Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective.” That assessment is concise and sums up their mission astutely. fo/mo/deep is a vibrant jazz collective which utilizes their dynamic rhythm section to keep the heat turned up to maximum fervor throughout. They flourish equally well on a couple original compositions as well as select choices for cover selections. Andre Scott, a skilled and powerful drummer, helps force the robust rhythms forward with potent brawn and committed vigor. On bass, Ron “FatKat” Holmes Jr. is also a stellar contributor, exceptionally adept at using his instrument to help buttress a beefy foundation as well as stepping to the forefront to bravely scout the way. Kenneth “Pounce” Pouncy on percussion completes this expert rhythm trifecta.

An example of the groove oriented funk found on Eclecticism is provided right out of the gate on “Drinks@8.” Kevin Jones plays energetic keyboard streams that serve as an appendage to a spirited dialogue between the trombone of N. Michael Goecke and the tenor saxophone yielded by Keith Newton. The solid, mid-tempo rhythm groove on this one is pure delight and serves as an example of how a top-grade rhythm section meshes together via a scheme of ultra-tight cohesiveness to function faultlessly. –CDBaby.com

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