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Jason Palmer - Nothing To Hide

Jason Palmer -][- Nothing to Hide – [SteepleChase, 2010] – Review

Hold up, wait just a minute … this album is absolutely supreme. You know, the irony of it all on occasion to my dismay miss some of those hidden pieces in the puzzle during my journey to discover fresh sounds. With that said, I’m extremely excited about trumpeter Jason Palmer’s latest album on SteepleChase Records titled “Nothing to Hide.”

Back in 2007 trumpet sensation Jason Palmer solidified his spot in the music industry and released the distinctive Songbook.” In essence, Palmer with this project demonstrates why he’s a dominate voice as composer and player in the game to reckon with. He continues this dialogue with another tasty collection of gems that unleashes his purpose to express in volume a cohesive blend of jazz annunciated with turbo-charged bop-ology and colorful melodies and mind-bending phrases like any thoroughbred champion would on one of the finest records this year.

With “Nothing to Hide,” Palmer and the crew speaks the language of jazz loud and clear with recurring statements throughout features a surprisingly gifted cast of players including Michael Thomas, Greg Duncan, Lim Yang and Lee Fish as co-contributors to the cause to play jazz with a deliberate and expressive attitude. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

At your leisure, please visit trumpeter Jason Palmer’s spot on the web http://www.jasonpalmerjazz.wordpress.com/ to find out more about this star on the horizon.

Original Release Date: January 1, 2010