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Grand Pianoramax

Grand Pianoramax -][- Grand Pianoramax – [ObliqSound, 2005] – Review

To my surprise, I recently stumbled into a group called Grand Pianoramax. In fact, their self-titled project was created, produced and developed by the genius of Swiss born, and New York-bred pianist named Leo Tardin.

Tardin was the premiere winner of the Montreux Jazz Festival International Piano Solo Competition, his accomplishment of course garnered the attention of record executives at ObliqSound. Tardin collaborates with his sidekick Jojo Mayer to unleash an unexpected range of improvisational ideas through the body of relentless grooves streamlined with fibers and layers of hidden textures are decidedly stretched to the max. These fiery gems moan with excitement to deepen the canvas of music makes this outing an attractive one to embrace. As a result, the remnants of rejuvenating music caught me off guard only to expand my limited vision beyond the normal soundscape is quite fulfilling. Perhaps, this is what makes music so appealing in the first place.

If you’re like me, more often then not you find yourself encamped within the walls of familiar voices. Actually, especially during these down spirited economical times there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you will challenge my space with something sonically potent painted with off-colored melodies and complex nuances … I’m done, absolutely toast. Notably, the expressive textures throughout are embedded with hybrid beats which shift purposely to bend, shape and unfold compositionally a wealth of progressive music makes this project a desirable one to escape with for the weekend spin and anytime for that matter. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

At your leisure, check out Leo’s latest project “Smooth Danger.” The album title is deceiving …

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