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What’s up jazz enthusiasts? It seems that 2010 has been a extremely good year for drummers/percussionist to pursue their passion and release new projects. Have you had the honor to meet the music of jazz drummer Chris Massey? If not, I’d love for you to come acquainted with his latest album “Vibrainium.” On this endeavor, the veteran composer graciously takes you on a dynamic yet accessible musical excursion infected with fearless rhythms and mind swelling content that will inevitably leave you in a dysfunctional state. Of course, all intended in a good way … —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

Chris Massey - Vibrainium

Chris Massey -][- Vibrainium – [SPECTRA RECORDS, 2010]

Chris Massey plays drums. No statement could be more inadequate, though true, than that. Young Massey is a master craftsman, a highly respected performer, teacher, and composer, and now he adds to that spectrum the founder of an ensemble known as Chris Massey’s Nue Jazz Project – and it is astounding. There is something about the manner in which Massey approaches his instrument that makes it seem like the ground base for big band sound. He apparently has stated that he is a modern drummer taught in the old tradition of swing, believing that he should put his sound underneath a fellow player and let the fire start to spread. This could almost be labeled an ‘artist statement’ in the way that painter’s speak about their approach to the canvas. The result of Massey’s gifts is evident in this fertile recording, called VIBRAINIUM – and for those who might not understand the derivation of the title, is is defined in the dictionary as follows: ‘Vibranium is a fictional metal that appears in the Marvel Universe. It is most commonly known as one of the materials used to construct Captain America’s shield.’ And away we go into this ‘nue jazz’ concept. —Grady Harp | Amazon/Review

Check out this exciting new voice in jazz at http://www.chrismasseyjazz.com/live/. While you’re at it, check into “Atmosphere(s) (this is not the same Chris Massey) corrected 3/5/2011,” which features Massey in a deeper thought process musically.

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