Tatiana Parra - Interia

Tatiana Parra -][- Inteira – [Boranda, 2010]

From classics composers as Tom Jobim and Milton Nascimento, to her own compositions and also bringing new names to the scene, Tatiana’s crystal clear voice, perfectly tuned brings new life to the music she sings, since she had 5 years old.

Album produced by Marcelo Mariano with participation from the Argentine trio, Aca Seca and Cesar Camargo Mariano brings to the forefront songs from new names in the Brazilian music scene such as Pedro Viáfora, Pedro Altério and Dani Black as well as Brazilian classics by Milton Nascimento and Noel Rosa.

“To feel whole as an artist for me has to do with many things, such as not being afraid to expose yourself; to not put yourself above the music, the musicians or the public but instead to feel part of it all, to be happy to share music with people in any situation.” The above phrase could be the key to understanding the title of the CD ‘Inteira’ (www.boranda.com.br), the first album of Tatiana Parra, the singer from Sao Paulo who at less than thirty years old has the career of a veteran singer. She has sung at shows and on albums of Ivan Lins, Omara Portuondo, Rita Lee, Toquinho, Chico Pinheiro, Sandy & Júnior and André Mehmari.

One of the most striking characteristics of Tatiana is her sure voice that can sound lyrical as heard in the song “Choro das Aguas” by Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins, be cunning and clever as in “Amor de parceira” (Noel Rosa) or even romantic without being cheesy as in “1 Valsa para 3” by Chico Pinheiro and Chico César. What makes this album stand out is its presence of new composers from the São Paulo music scene such as Pedro Viáfora, Pedro Altério, Dani Black, Giana Viscardi, Dani Gurgel and also includes the participation of Cesar Camargo Mariano, Barbatuques, Teco Cardoso, Proveta, Toninho Ferragutti and Aca Seca among others.

About the participation of Cesar Camargo Mariano, Tatiana comments, “Marcelo, who is the son of Cesar, suggested that his father do the arrangement for ‘Bandeira’ (Sergio Santos and Paulo César Pinheiro) and I agreed right away. What he didn’t tell me was that (Cesar) who lives in New Jersey (USA), would be in Brazil at the time of recording and that he would be available to record the piano. I was happy and honored. We learned a lot that day. He knows how to conduct a recording session like no one else. He brings an energy of concentration and seriousness to the recording environment while at the same time, maintaining a certain lightness. It was a gift.”

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