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Lounge Art Ensemble - Music for Moderns

Peter Erskine, Bob Sheppard, and Dave Carpenter -][- Music For Moderns – [Fuzzy Music, 2005]

What a terrific CD! Peter Erskine (drums), Dave Carpenter (bass) and Bob Sheppard (brass and woodwinds) get their ya-yas out on this set of hard-swinging jazz, recorded in crystal-clear hi-fidelity chez Erskine. Some of the tunes simmer, some boil, but every one cooks with a playfulness and interplayfulness seldom heard in today’s jazz recordings. This trio’s been together for about ten years (hence the high degree of interplay), and needs to record more often (their last release dates from 1997).

My advice to you, gentle reader: buy a copy for yourself, five or six more for your family and close friends, then ask everyone to e-mail the band members to let them know how many fans they have who adore their music and would love a new CD ASAP! —R Fischer | Review | Amazon.com

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