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Cheers and seasons’ greetings my fellow jazz aficionados, “Happy Holidays“! As you know, this year end is rapidly coming to and end. Some may argue, but I must say this has been a very good year musically. With that said, I usually don’t put much thought into what album is the best or not. However, after receiving a few e-mails in reference to what I considered the “Top Jazz Albums for 2010?” I decided to scroll through the pages and withdraw some info from what’s been posted here and see what I can come up with.

Keep in mind, this list of albums are just some of my favorite recordings which by the way they’re not in a particular order. Just for the fun of it, be sure and post your favorite jazz albums in the comments section of this post.

Check out these valuable resources below for their perspective of what the TOP JAZZ RECORDS for 2010 are …

1)- AMAZON.com
4)- REUTERS.com
5)- SPINNER.com
7)- SLATE.com