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Matt Panayides -][- TAPESTRIES of SONG – [Pacific Coast Jazz, 2010]

It is refreshing to hear an album of works by a gifted performer AND composer such as Matt Panayides. Panayides is a name well known to jazz aficionados but here he spreads his wings with a collection of eight new compositions, geared to place his associates in music – Rich Perry, tenor sax, Steve LaSpina, bass and Dan Weiss, drums – in as much of the spotlight as the guitar. Each of these numbers features one of the ‘quartet’ as chief soloist and for good reason: they are all exceptional musicians.

For this listener the most beautiful tracks on this album are ‘Different Place’, ‘Sketch’ and ‘Walking Across a Bridge (with no money)’ as they allow the deeply soulful playing of the composer to take front stage. Panayides has a magnificent touch and knows how to build to the core of a song as few others. This is a strong album and we can hope others will follow. —Grady Harp, December 10 | Amazon.com

Original Release Date: October 22, 2010

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