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One Soul Fellowship featuring Jason Moran

One Soul Fellowship featuring Jason Moran -][- ‘INTERACTIVE – [One Soul Fellowship Inc.]

One Soul Fellowship, a New York based multi-ethnic jazz group, believes that music provides everyday people a meaning of life. Since 2005, OSF has performed in jazz clubs and churches all over the U.S. and Asia. In 2007, OSF released a debut album, ‘A New Creation’, in Asia and successful toured in Japan and Korea. The English version of the debut album was released in the U.S. on August 5th 2008.

Because of OSF’s unique musical style, combining Jazz with other musical forms such as hip hop, classic, and straight ahead jazz, all age groups enjoy OSF’s exciting performance. Recently, OSF has finished the 2nd Album, ‘Interactive’; featuring today’s world’s most prominent jazz pianist ‘Jason Moran (Blue Note Label), Latin Billboard Award finalist, vocalist ‘Marta Gomez’ and Grammy Award winner multi–instrumentalist Scott Robinson (Maria Schneider Orchestra). —BIOGRAPHY

While you’re here, for those of you that might love a unique twist to Gospel music check out “A New Creation” recorded in 2007 by One Soul Fellowship.

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