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Greeting’s jazz enthusiasts, today I unexpectedly stumbled into the latest recording by an artist I had heard from in years. She plays the violin, her name is Sonya Robinson. Perhaps you’ve heard or maybe not met the music of this sensational artists, but I’m elated to have my heart and soul rejuvenated by this wonderful musician who I considered one of the best of the unsung heroes during that period she debuted with her self-tiled album “Sonya” in 1987. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

“Jazz violinist Sonya Robinson plays a little like Stuff Smith, a bit like Jean Luc Ponty and a whole lot like herself.”

Sonya Robinson - FLY

Sonya Robinson -][- FLY – [Sonya Robinson, 2008]

The late great jazz trumpeter Miles Davis said Sonya’s playing is reminiscent of Stuff Smith and Ray Nance, two of jazz’s legendary violinist’s. Robinson is a gutsy player with a beautiful sound and a fluidity that displays her technical finesse.

Fans of Sonya have literally jumped out of their seats upon hearing the excitement that Sonya generates with her violin playing. They feel the raw emotion within her music.

Sonya Robinson

Sonya, who has three albums to her name, Fly, Sonya and Sonya Live at Spiral, plays a variety of styles from the baroque, the blues, straight ahead and beyond.

A fluent composer, she writes and performs most of her own music. “Fly” features many old and new compositions. A for Black is a song that features her trio-violin, drum and bass. It is a rollicking piece that moves with grace and speed and features the violin in its favorite key, a minor. Truth and Honesty is a ballad that displays a level of soulfulness that only her violin and her ideas can project. Eleven is a piece written the day after 911. In some ways a tribute to the survivors and in other ways a musical documentation of what many of us saw and went through on that epic day. –BIOGRAPHY | SonyaRobinsonMusic.com

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