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If you love jazz fusion, then this project by guitarist Prasanna is absolutely a must for you to grab ASAP! Funny thing, when I listen to records of this caliber I see why those who insist on playing it safe artistically could be missing the point of recording a solo album. In other words, don’t get caught in the rapture copying for example: “Lady Gaga/Kenny G” no pun intended just to make a hit record. With this stunning offering the adventurous guitar antics of Prasanna, he is taking virtuosity into a new dimension! —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

Prasanna - BE THE CHANGE

Prasanna -][- BE THE CHANGE – [Susila Music, 2004]

Considered by many to be one of the most unique guitar virtuosos in the world, Prasanna takes a quantum leap into the future with ‘Be the Change’. Stellar performances from an all star line-up of some of the worlds’ best musicians like multi-Grammy winning Bela Fleck and the Flecktones bassist Victor Wooten, ex-Weather Report bass legend Alphonso Johnson, the dynamic Flecktones saxophonist Jeff Coffin, ex-Frank Zappa drummer Ralph Humphrey, one of LA’s hottest saxophonists Andy Suzuki, the explosive drummer Derico Watson and the versatile vocalist Shalini, complement Prasanna’s dynamic guitars, vocals and strikingly original compositions of rare depth.

‘Pangaea Rising’ musically mirrors the result of cataclysmic changes in the Earth’s geological past, ‘Bliss Factor’ is a song in Sanskrit with the text from the advaita Hindu philosophy of ancient India wafting through some high voltage Jazz/ Funk, ‘Ragabop’ showcases the journey of the chromatically adventurous Carnatic raga ‘Kapi’ in a be-bop laden jazz acoustic guitar trio format with jaw-dropping virtuosity, Dharma becomes Alibama’ brings in the bitter-sweet dissonance of carnatic ragas Dharmavathi and Saramathi rising over some exquisite straight ahead Jazz, ‘The Grapevine’ is a now Jazz-now progressive rock camouflage, ‘Satyam’, the bi-lingual English/Sanskrit song blends R and B, Funk, Carnatic, Disco and African elements with soaring vocals, a powerful message and infectious groove.

‘Kalyani Connection’ unleashes the power of the inexhaustible carnatic raga ‘Kalyani’ clothed in an instrumental Rock Power ballad, at times even sonically bordering on New Age, the blazing ‘Ta ka ta ki ta Blues’ is a pounding blend of hard rock, blues and jazz against an unmistakable rhythmic tala structure of carnatic music, ‘Uncensored’ is proud old-school Jazz/Rock peppered with an incendiary new twist of Clave-meets Carnatic Tala vocalization.

‘Be the Change’ is a mind, body and soul experience.

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