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Get ready jazz, funk and fusion aficionados, the time has come. I’ve got some fresh music exclusively for your discriminating taste the latest album by bassist formerly of super-group Weather Report …. VICTOR BAILEY returns with a seriously eclectic mix of jazz and funk induced groove(s) titled SLIPPIN’ ‘n’ TRIPPIN‘. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux

Victor Bailey - Slippin 'n' Trippin'

Victor Bailey -][- SLIPPIN’ ‘N’ TRIPPIN‘ – [Victor Bailey, 2010]

Bassist Victor Bailey returns with his strongest and most consistent effort to date, titled Slippin’ N’ Trippin’. Bailey states “on this record I wanted to feature more of my bass guitar than on my other cd’s. I’m also a versatile keyboardist, vocalise a little, and play a little drums too”.

As usual Bailey serves up a variety of great feels, grooves and of course incredible bass playing. Standouts include the opener “Ape School” wth some innovative slapping and tapping over a surprising supple dance/funk feel. We follow that up with the title track “Slippin’ N’ Trippin’, with a shockingly strong vocal performance by Bailey and a great drum track by the legendary Billy Cobham. Next is an incredible rendition of John Coltrane’s Countdown, featuring Ron Carter on acoustic bass.

Then he slows things down with his lovely ballad “I Wonder”, and displays exceptional arranging skills on the classic song Alfie, featuring a rare performance on fretless bass. He puts in a fine vocal performance on “Like A Horn” featuring some of the best bebop bass playing ever heard anywhere. Included is an innovative rendition of the Prince classic “Kiss” recorded with all bass guitars. We get a little gospel feel with “If You Say So” and finish off with the classic funk/fusion jam “Lucky Punch” featuring an amazing drum solo by Bailey’s former Weather Report bandmate Omar Hakim. With names like Hakim, Cobham, Lenny White and Ron Carter you can be sure this is music of the highest order.

At your leisure, checkout http://www.victorbailey.com/disc.html to view Victor Bailey’s previous releases. Also, go here for and extended collection of recordings.

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