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Flo Bublys Brumcalli - PRIVATEBEN

Flo Bublys Brumcalli -][- PRIVATEBEN – [ITM, 2011]

The music of Brumcalli has an unusual character. At first glance, it might remind the listener of marching bands from New Orleans. That initial impression would not be fundamentally wrong, but, even so, Brumcalli is different. These young musicians grew up by the Spree and Elbe rivers, not on the banks of the Mississippi, and their music is driven by what impresses, worries, disconcerts, and preoccupies them.

Beneath the surface a sea of seething ophistication is brewing. Florian Bublys belongs to the tradition of drummers who double as band leaders: for every number he imagines the “groove” that he then realizes in conjunction with the band.

He plays one of the voices on percussion, which is intensified by the others with their disparate backgrounds. Brumcalli is a fresh band comprising musicians from Berlin and Dresden, with a carefree attitude and yet with a deep commitment to the imperative to “Play your own thing!” —Deep.hu/Catalog