Airborne -][- Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology – [Tilt Records, 2011]

Airborne - Back in the Dayz - Airborne Anthology (11)

Airborne, the multi-cultural contemporary jazz group from New Haven, CT USA is moving forward with their 8th CD Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology. This project is a wonderful collection of new material and re-mastered compositions from other Airborne CD’s. It is a testimony to jazz artists of integrity, whose inspiration and imagination capture your thoughts with music with a cause. Joyful Jazz with a Message! Airborne the proclaimed Musical Peacemakers of Contemporary Jazz formed in 1988 celebrates years of recordings, jazz festivals, gigs, and the whole ups and downs of being musicians. The members have toured Europe, Japan and across the USA. Airborne has many successful CD s and has received worldwide airplay and international acclaim.

Back in the Dayz – Airborne Anthology takes you onboard a magical and musical journey to a motivating, high energy, intensely creative, yet peaceful serenity of island passion and complex urban emotion where the compassion of Airborne raises up the spirit of humility and reflects the empathy and moral obligation we as people of dignity must adhere to. Inspiring compositions of depth and character by world class jazz musicians! –Amazon.com

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