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Hannes De Kassian Trio - 3

Hannes De Kassian Trio -][- 3 – [Hannes De Kassian Trio, 2009]

Hannes De Kassian’s music is a process of continual discovery and reinvention. For the Austrian-born, New York–based guitarist and composer, making music is the ongoing search to mine the spiritual, to delve deeper and deeper into our humanity, especially in the face of an overwhelmingly technological world. On his new album, Hannes De Kassian Trio “3,” De Kassian has stripped his music down to its bare essential, emerging with a work that is authentic, complex and original.

Released in 2009, the aptly named “3 “ is Hannes De Kassian’s third CD, and his second foray into a trio. Featuring Gene Torres on bass and Joris Dudli on drums, the self-produced album is a product of De Kassian’s sharpened vision a fusion of his European roots with funk-infused jazz.

That fusion is present in the album’s opening track, “125 Jive.” De Kassian’s guitar weaves masterfully with Torres’s bottom-heavy bass. Dudli punctuates the music propulsively, pushing the action, a heady dose of jazz and funk. “I live in Harlem,” De Kassian explains, “and I wanted ‘125 Jive’ to have that kind of energy and buzz.”

“Undercurrent” has an off beat sensibility – ethereal in tone, the song shows De Kassian’s comfort in playing with more open forms. “It’s not your regular spin of eight bars to a melody,” De Kassian says. “It’s more like painting a soundscape.”

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