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Ekendra Das - Ethnomusicology

Ekendra Das -][- ETHNOMUSICOLOGY – [World Radio 108, 2011]

World Radio 108 is a collection of musicians bought together by Ekendra Das who come from various musical and cultural backgrounds who are united by the common interest in inspired music, there are no formulas, or limitations, this is heart music, from ours to yours. WR108 is about the message and the music and hope you find the moods and grooves in this recording help make your day better for years to come.

Ethnomusicology its academic meaning, is the study of the music of various cultures, Ekendra Das is himself a study in various cultures having lived and been inspired by music and cultures from Africa to India, Europe South America and the Caribbean., Having played for over 25yrs in all musical Genres from Jazz to Hip Hop , Afro Cuban, to Indian Bhajans, and for years has been the percussive power behind the group Fertile Ground.

Add to that mix the rich multicultural tapestry that is WR108. The results the kind of music that you want to listen to now and for years to come. We all have many moods so why can’t the music we listen to also have many moods, WR108 is a musical experience, a sound track to life. –CDBaby.com | Album Notes

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