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“Sosa s pianisms evoke distant echoes of McCoy Tyner’s power, Keith Jarrett s improvisational flights of fancy, and Thelonious Monk’s angular harmonies, transforming the piano into 88 well-tuned drums.” —The Village Voice

Omar Sosa - CALMA

Omar Sosa -][- CALMA – [Ota Records, 2011]

Calma is Omar Sosa’s fifth solo piano recording. It is a work of singular artistry, featuring Omar s unique and original approach to the genre. The CD is comprised of 13 solo piano improvisations, fusing stylistic elements of jazz, classical new music, ambient and electronica. As the title implies, the overall feeling is relaxed and introspective, the intent being to evoke a mood of reflection and contemplation. The recording features a rarely heard combination of acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and various electronic effects and sampled sounds.

All of these instruments were recorded live together in the studio, without overdubs the artist interacting spontaneously, in real-time, with the various sonic elements. Rhythmically, the feeling of the CD is unhurried and meditative. Sensations of floating and suspension of time prevail. We can imagine the melodic sensibilities of Erik Satie meeting those of Pierre Boulez. –Product Description | Amazon

Scheduled Release: 3/8/2011

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