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Brian Lynch -][- UNSUNG HEROES – [Hollistic MusicWorks, 2011]

On Unsung Heroes Grammy Award© winning jazz trumpeter Brian Lynch pays tribute to a diverse group of jazz trumpeters, active from the 1940s through the present day, who have produced amazing music as players and composers despite flying below the radar. These great, creative trumpeters honored on Unsung Heroes, through their compositions (in some cases first recordings) and original works, range from masters no longer with us (Tommy Turrentine, Howard McGhee, Joe Gordon, Idrees Sulieman) to those very much alive, well, and swinging (Charles Tolliver, Claudio Roditi). Other trumpet masters represented in this project include Louis Smith and an early influence on Lynch’s own work, Kamau Adilifu (Charles Sullivan). “The multiple subjects of this collection of unpretentious, straight-ahead jazz music are artists without whom the jazz trumpet tradition would be very much impoverished,” says Brian Lynch, “yet who have seemed to fly under the radar of even enthusiastic followers of the music.

They are also players and composers who have touched my soul and influenced me in both areas. Their notoriety ranges from those generally recognized by the cognoscenti to others almost completely unknown except to a few specialists, but they all have one thing in common: their art has been underappreciated.”

Musicians: Brian Lynch – trumpet, flugelhorn; Vincent Herring – alto sax; Alex Hoffman – tenor sax; Rob Schneiderman – piano; David Wong – bass; Pete Van Nostrand – drums; Little Johnny Rivero – congas (1-3, 1-6, 3-5). –Product Description | Amazon.com

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