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Alon Nechushtan - WORDS BEYOND

In this culturally diverse idiom called jazz, I’m blessed with the opportunity to become acquainted with new music by a fascinating young pianist/composer named Alon Nechushtan. Prior to his sophomore effort “Words Beyond” this New England Conservatory grad like many of his peers landed feet first in the “Big Apple” with hopes of developing and strengthening his skill and voice by playing with a variety of top-shelve musicians after moving to New York in 2003.

With nine originals available, it was evident Alon needed to call upon two supreme players who have the agility, sensitivity and the unique synergy needed to record and complete “Words Beyond.” Therefore, he summon drummer Dan Weiss and Francois Moutin to shape the tones, define the structure and melodies of this wonder banquet of intriguing pieces. Alon appears to approach his compositional voicing’s based upon the blueprint and elements of traditional jazz. With the opener “Muppet Shock,” this gifted player/composer eloquently sets the atmosphere and foundation for “Words Beyond.”

The next two selections “Different Kind of Morning and Spinning The Clouds,” lyrically widens his buoyant canvas of sounds by encompassing varied textures of classical music which of course is sustained through the cavity of his vast, rich and heavy jazz influenced soundscape. In essence, this among many things gives Alon a vantage point in the art of writing creative, challenging and attractive music.

Perhaps, like many of you as connoisseurs of jazz I love to embellish the complexities that usually accompany the sonically enigmatic intricacies found in jazz. On his debut, as on most trio recordings you’ll discover the familiar tonality explored yet unrushed storylines prevail through this distinguish effort composed by Alon Nechushtan. Moreover, there are several notable pieces like the communing nuances of “Dr. Master Plan and Secret Short/Short Secret” reflect the intrinsic symmetry and diversity hoped for in compositions.

Remember the name, the consummate Alon Nechushtan and friend’s close out the session with their audibly pervasive interplay on “The Traveler.” Compositionally, this gem was underscored and epitomizes the inimitable dialogue between these virtuous voices as they masterfully breathe life into this piece and other songs composed and arranged by the talented pianist Alon Nechushtan titled “Words Beyond.” –Reviewed by Rob Young