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Marc Copland - CROSSTALK

Marc Copland -][- CROSSTALK – [Pirouet Records, 2011]

Fascinatingly original – a good description of this quartet’s multifaceted musical world throughout this CD. This quartet presides over music of great depth and intensity and at the same time makes it all seem breathtakingly easy and clear. The four musicians partake in a subtle sort of duel, a refined musical “crosstalk” – a masterpiece of mutual inspiration.

(BIO) Marc Copland was born in Philadelphia in 1948. Up until the mid-1970’s he played the alto saxophone. Copland was a master on the instrument. Throughout this period he worked with such already-established colleagues as Ralph Towner, Chico Hamilton, and John Abercrombie. Yet at a certain stage he felt that something wasn’t right. “The music that I was playing was not the music I was hearing in my head.” From one day to the next he laid his horn down, completely left the scene, and began to probe the mysteries of the ivories. He was out of the picture for ten years, practiced incessantly, and studied the styles of other pianists. In 1985 he finally felt he was ready to start another career. How strange – how absurd that someone transforms himself from one extreme to another! A virile top dog is transposed into a quiet spiritualist. ”Yet I always had the feel that I was doing the right thing.” And with Pirouet he found the label that fit, that allowed the necessary freedom that a free spirit like himself needed.

Each one of his recordings brings to light undiscovered facets of this friendly chameleon, whether it’s Another Place (2008), the wonderfully hymnal collaboration with his old musical companion Abercrombrie, the mystical journeys of discovery with trumpeter Tim Hagens (Beautiful Lily, 2005, and Alone Together, 2008), the intimate discourse in quartet with Jason Seizer (Fair Way, Serendipity and Time Being), or the celebrated New York Trio Recordings (with such loyal confederates as Paul Motian and Gary Peacock both of whom have already achieved legendary status). Copland is the most versatile, exciting contemporary jazz pianist, notwithstanding a Keith Jarrett, a Brad Mehldau, or a Herbie Hancock! – Excerpt from Copland’s Biography (PDF).

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