The DeFrancesco Brothers - The DeFrancesco Brothers

The DeFrancesco Brothers -][- The DeFrancesco BrothersMP3– [Vectordisc, 2011]

With roots in the Philadelphia music scene, DeFrancesco became synonymous for some groovin’, greasy music with the Hammond B3 at its core. Although the gentics started with Papa John’s father -a wonderful big band saxophone player in his own right-his son Papa John decided on the Hammond organ. he listened and learned the music of all the famous organ cats from the Philly area. His sons, John and Joey, by osmosis, grew up listening to the old man’s records. When their young minds and souls were a clean piece of paper, the sounds of Jimmy Smith and Jack McDuff were etched in.

As the sons grew older, Joey continued learning everything there was to know about jazz and the Hammond B3-the players, the repertoire, etc. John being a guitar player continued learning more about the blues, and was heavily influenced by several rock players such as Jimi Hendrix. Both John and Joey have been true to their musical interests, yet occasionally you would find the two of together on a track here and there on a track on a Papa John album, but those teasers were all you got.

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