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Greetings fellow jazz enthusiasts, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted music in reference to the “Weekend Spin or Flux Music Essentials.” The other day I was listening to “CELESTIAL PRIDE” by bassist Avery Sharpe from his upcoming album “Running Man” expected release April 12th, 2011. For some reason “EXPANSIONS,” a seventies classic by the incredible keyboardist named Lonnie Liston Smith crossed my mind. Amazingly, “EXPANSIONS” still resonates with such power yet its timeless grace is unmatched even today has the same affect on me as the first time I heard this record in 1975. —Rob Young

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions

Lonnie Liston Smith & Cosmic Echoes -][- EXPANSIONS – [RCA Records, 1975]

This man is as passionate, spiritual, melodic and sensuous on the keyboards as the impressionist renoir was on canvas. Lonnie Liston Smith paints a multitude of colors and rainbows in his divine interpretation of improvisation. This second Cosmic Echoes release is truly off the planet, how can we forget the ensemble that catapulted Lonnie Liston Smith into his greatest success in the 70’s, with musicians such as David Hubbard, Cecil McBee, Lawrence Killian, Art Gore, and the unforgettable one two combination of brother extraordinaire Donald Smith.

This album along with Visions of a New World which was the sucessor to Expansions are truly remarkable in style and innovativeness, you can feel the power of his presence as he speaks volumes of spiritual fortitude and oneness, Donald Smith vocals on “My Love” is inspirational and erotic. His vocal talents have not received the accolades he deserves, check Donald Smith out on Lonnie Liston Smith’s album “Renaissance”, the cut is “Starlight and You”, when you hear this cut you’ll see what I mean, this man’s voice is so very erotic, and sensuous with deep spiritual intonations, you just got to give it up. I often wonder what has happen to Donald Smith, I am so happy that his brother included him in the creation of the Cosmic Echoes, and I am so very pleased to see the reissue of such wonderful and unique compositions, treat yourself to a truly wonderful solitary experience and check out who I call the renoir of the keyboards, you will not be disappointed. —Terry Keppard | Amazon Customer Review

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