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Travis Reuter -][- ROTATIONAL TEMPLATES – [New Focus Recordings, 2011] – Music Reviewed

Visionary, composer and guitarist Travis Reuter has sculpted an impressive canvas of inimitable, expressive and complex tones co-exist in the body of improvised music on his latest offering “Rotational Templates.”

As I listen to the heartfelt yet multifaceted entities exposed throughout I had to take a closer look at what this involves and look beyond the scope of his technical ability to grasp the idea that this music was not merely comprise for technique purposes alone but most importantly the music comes from his heart!

From my perspective, “Rotational Templates” contains five infallible nuggets that are harmonically challenging. Moreover, this repertoire of songs is brilliantly executed by this multi-talented ensemble via their inventiveness and meticulous dialogue enabled them to transmit these odd-measured and impressionistic shapes and form them in a way the average listener can encompass this abstract soundscape.

Reuter’s affinity to record music of this caliber transcends the norm, his experimental voice will indeed challenge each listener. With that said, while listening I labored to engage myself in the rigorous artifacts that reside in “Vacancy at 29 and Residency at 20 (part1). Meanwhile, wooed by their prowess I’m amazed by these musicians as they take these songs into the hemisphere where the elements (bare with me) of Hendrix crashes into the uncompromising voicing’s of Monk to eventually flow with inexhaustible energy.

The only downside of this brilliant excursion by Travis Reuter and company, he serves up less then forty-minutes of playing time. On the other hand, this is certainly not and issue I was thrilled with two of my favorite pieces on the project titled “Flux Derivatives” along with the closing track “Residency at 20 (2)” both are composites generally found in the intricate textures of jazz as it meets the sonics of fusion to reflect the descriptive tones of improvised music. The genius and incomparable artistry of Travis Reuter should be given serious consideration because his gift, talent and virtuous contribution to improvised jazz is indeed admirable. –Rob Young

Travis Reuter – Guitar
Jeremy Viner – Tenor Saxophone
Bobby Avey – Fender Rhodes
Chris Tordin – Bass
Jason Nazary – Drums

Visit, http://www.trconjecture.bandcamp.com/, http://www.facebook.com/travis.reuter & New Focus Recordings.