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Truvibe (US) -][- Tru Beginnings -(MP3)- [TruVibe Productions, 2011]

After a couple cups of coffee, meditation, and the Saturday paper my usual quest to discover new jazz and possibly other interesting sounds begins. This morning I was pleasantly surprised to stumble into some samples by this group called TruVibe. They are a up and coming neosoul jazz group that’s about to uncover some vital nuggets for music lovers to enjoy and savor.

In the meantime, I haven’t been able to find hardly any bio information I stand corrected do to the excitement I over looked the groups label “TruVibe Productions.” Go here, to read the Bio about this truly amazing group.

If you’re in the market for music that’s influenced by violinist Noel Pointer, Regina Carter, Karen Briggs, and Roy Ayers then be sure and check out the cool and vibrant sounds of Truvibe. At your leisure, visit and bookmark their page at Facebook.com.

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