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Noah Haidu -][- SLIPSTREAM – (MP3) – [Posi-Tone Records, 2011] – Music Review


Based in New York, pianist-composer Noah Haidu originally from Charlottesville, VA debuts with his engaging bop induced yet lyrically intense album titled “SLIPSTREAM” on Posi-Tone Records. All compositions on this recording were written by Haidu with the exception of “Just One of Those Things” composed by Cole Porter.

Out of the box “SLIPSTREAM,” sonically encompasses the familiar tonality and melodic attributes the masters in jazz has recorded for years. Is Noah Haidu doing anything audibly different or thought-provoking? Many view his sound as cutting edge, his music is rhythmically tight and harmonically on point. As I listen, his voice ascends while evenly balance in the language of jazz to provide potent melodies with substance which should generate lots of conversation about what this remarkable young musician has to offer anyone who is willing to listen.

Without notice the opening track “SOULSTEP” jump starts the session. It bounces and sways with attitude, precision, maturity and enthusiasm. To make these compositions gel, Haidu is accompanied by A-list players including trumpeter-Jeremy Pelt, alto-saxophonist -Jon Irabagon, drummer -Willie Jones III (trks-1/3/6), Chris Haney plays the bass and John Davis plays the remaining songs on drums.

“WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW,” at the second spot compliments the opening piece in tempo, structure and style. The elastic arrangement of this jewel attaches itself to the upward and mobile groove of “SLIPSTREAM.” The interplay on both pieces immediately draws your attention to the way Haidu utilizes this talented bunch as you would hope to hear manifest on any recording.
At the first glance, the seriously funky “BREAK TUNE” caught me off guard. The syncopated horn combo of Pelt & Irabagon burns with accuracy and fiery swag anchored to the persistent delivery of the rhythm section makes this gem distinctly potent and exceptionally tight.

The next piece “FLOAT,” is one of my favorites on the project slows the pace in an eloquent way examines the intricate patterns of the song which unavoidably showcases this gifted ensembles impulsive chemistry and flexible interplay once again.
Maybe it’s just me, but slowing the tempo and lower volume causes me to listen with intend. For example, on “TAKE YOUR TIME” Haidu reveals the intimate side of his composing and arranging voice without being locked into a backdrop but he is able to entice you into this spacious, inviting and stellar arrangement.

The last two selections, Cole Porter’s “JUST ONE OF THOSE THINGS” swings with authority and absolute divine purpose. Pelt and Irabagon take the lead on “THE TROUBLE MAKERS” to close out this phenomenal set. Of course, they leave plenty of room for pianist Noah Haidu to state this case as lead soloist to show why he is without a doubt the real deal. –Rob Young | Review

Track listing:
1. Soulstep
2. Where We Are Right Now
3. Slipstream
4. Break Tune
5. Float
6. Take Your Time
7. Just One of Those Things
8. The Trouble Makers

Noah Haidu – piano
Jeremy Pelt – trumpet
Jon Irabagon – alto sax
Chris Haney – bass
John Davis – drums
Willie Jones III – drums (trks. 1, 3, & 6)

Producer, Marc Free

For more information, visit http://www.noahhaidu.com

“This recording is dedicated to Hannah Sohn and Tessa Sohn Haidu”