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Jessica Lee -][- PERSISTENCE -(MP3)- [Jessica Lee, 2011]

Persistence—the ability to move forward through difficult times with patience and virtue.

This album is a product of a lot of soul searching. In February of 2009, my only sister suffered a traumatic brain injury that caused her to lose cognition and mobility. My parents decided to care for her full time, forgoing their own lives.

Although being full time in school, living between Boston and Chicago, my parents and I felt strongly that, despite the hardship, I should pursue my dream of being a musician. While composing and choosing the music for this album, I could only be reminded of their story.

Their determination to always provide the best care, even with a severe lack of sleep and constant stress, has changed the way I view my parents: they are unsung heroes. This album is a tribute to them and to my sister, who battles everyday with her suffering.

After nearly a year of hard work, Persistence is finally complete. The album, in itself, was a journey, testing my own persistence. But in the end, I hope that I have delivered a compilation that is uplifting to you, especially when times are tough and it seems impossible to move forward. Please always move forward. —Jessica Lee

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