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Dianne Reeves - MUSIC FOR LOVERS

Dianne Reeves ]|[ MUSIC FOR LOVERS -(MP3)- [Blue Note Records, 2007] -|- Album Review

Depending on personal taste it may or not be difficult to access but there’s about a dozen notable female vocalist on the jazz scene that knows their craft and how to work a song and audience effortlessly and Dianne Reeves is absolutely one of them.

Unfortunately without liner-notes or album description on my MP3 album I have no earthly idea who initially produced, composed, played, or compiled these wonderful pieces. “MUSIC FOR LOVERS” in essence captures the splendor of the stunning and mesmerizing vocal style of songstress Dianne Reeves. This amazing album is one in a series of compilations released on Blue Note Records. Generally these types of recordings is great introduction to an artists body of work if you haven’t had the opportunity to listen to their music other then radio, Internet or at a friends house.

As the title suggests, this recording is particularly marketed for couples to embellish these gorgeous gems on a quite evening for two as they partake in a bottle of their favorite wine, conversation, and exquisite gourmet dinner. Eventually they will snuggle up near the fireplace on a cold winter night to enjoy this comforting palette of songs which includes “My Funny Valentine, That Day, You Taught My Heart to Sing, Speak Low, and In Your Eyes.” If these jewels arouse your curiosity and appetite for good music then I’m quite sure you’ll appreciate the quality of lyricism, arrangements and terrific interplay that could possibly establish just the right mood and atmosphere for you. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux