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When I first heard this album back in 2003, I was literally blown away by the versatility of the groups leader, composer, and pianist Andy Milne. In reality, he’s not doing anything all that different compositionally then anyone else. Nevertheless, as I hear it his abstract thought process combing the elements of jazz, funk, hip-hop with Bruce Cockburn’s raw-meter vibe thrown in the mix made this a worthy purchase for me at the time. Chances are your neighbor want have this record in his/her collection. Therefore, if you’re fortunate to have this organically funky record how about inviting them over pop-open your favorite beverage and spin this gem for them they’ll love you for it. —Rob Young | The Urban Flux


Dapp Theory [|] Y’LL JUST DON’T KNOW -(MP3)- [Fantasy Records, 2006]

Dapp Theory is a Band brought together by Andy Milne who I’d never heard of. I actually bought this album in a “Bargain Bin” on the strength of guest appearances by Bruce Cockburn & Gregoire Maret even though the opener “Trickle Down” happens to be one of my LEAST favourite Cockburn songs (musically, that is). For the record, Bruce appears on only 3 tracks, the other two being Everywhere Dance, one of his many beautiful ballads & Bad Air (which is more in the nature of “Trickle Down” & thus didn’t really do it for me). On this latter track MC Kokayi (who features on 5 tracks in all) also appears &, not being a huge fan of rappers, didn’t really add to the disc’s overall appeal with the BIG exception of Bermuda Triangle which is a truly great jazz/rock/rap/funk amalgam which really works well as Kokayi is dragged out of the rapper’s usual monotone delivery into (dare I say it?) singing & even scatting.

Okay, so the entire disc shows generally excellent musicianship (with the possible exception of Rich Brown on bass – eg. his lack of colour & variety on tracks 7 & 8 was quite offputting) with Milne & Maret particularly impressive (listen to Con Alma for proof positive). Best ensemble track is Neoparadeigma but overall I found this disc somewhat lacking in coherence & ultimately running out of fresh ideas. —David J. Ohanlon | Customer Review @ Amazon.com

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