Cindy Bradley - UNSCRIPTED

Cindy Bradley -[]- UNSCRIPTED – [TRIPPIN & RHYTHM, 2011]

From one of the most nominated, most in demand artists and winner of ‘Best New Artist’ 2010 American Contemporary Jazz Awards, comes this revealing portrait of a young lady that has captured the attention and imaginations of fans and critics alike. With three nods, Best New Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Brass Player at this year’s Contemporary Jazz Awards the accolades continue. Painted with a broad musical brush, Unscripted’doesn t play by the rules and captures the essence of the deep connection she has with her instrument as she delivers a scintillating palate of moods and flavors worthy a feast for the ears, yet one which will move the heart.

Everything is on the table here as Bradley bares her soul on the heartfelt and plaintive ‘Inevitable’, you ll feel the pure magic and the ensuing goose bumps that happen when she and producer Michael Broening weave their own musical tapestry on the standard ‘You Don t Know What Love Is’, feel the fire and ice as Cindy brings the heat on the track ‘Massive Transit’, the ice as she blows a hip chill over the Wayne Shorter classic ‘Footprints’ and bask in the raw emotion that comes from the deeply personal dedication to her mom ‘One Moment More’ Respect has been earned, nods have been given to her predecessors and peers and Bradley has taken her rightful place among the new guard who will proudly carry the contemporary jazz torch into the new millennium. ‘Unscripted is the beginning pen and chapter in hers, a story that has just begun to be written.

Scheduled for release June 21st, 2011

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