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Diego Pinera - REFLEXIONES

Diego Pinera ]|[ REFLEXIONES -(MP3)- [Octason Records, 2011]

This album reflects not only Diego Pinera’s personal but also the current world of modern, avant-garde Latin jazz. The close link between musical concepts of Latin American origin, the omnipresent tradition of American jazz and the discovery of new forms and metrics are the key brand of the album. It was easy to take guest soloist Tony Lakatos on the musical journey. With his warm tenor and soprano sound the world famous saxophonist energetically as well as adventurously blends in the ensemble, and provides the listener with excellent ‘lines’.

Any fear to get an album for percussion freaks is unfounded. Each member of the band is equally present, Tino Derado ensures the harmony and boasts impressive improvisations, Marcel Krömker provides the necessary steadiness and ‘basis’ of the quintet on double bass. A special highlight is percussionist Robby Geerken: all drums and percussion fans will find their costs repaid no later than with the last tune ‘Familia’.

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