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Greeting’s everyone, it’s great to be among the living. I know it’s been awhile but things have been considerably slow lately in the music business, hopefully things will pick up very soon. –Rob Young

Young, Powell & Vespestad - Anthem

Young, Powell & Vespestad -][- Anthem – [PVY Records Corp., 2011]

Organist and pianist Roy Powell is originally from England but after success with his first CD has been living in Oslo for some time. He has released 7 CDs under his own name (one of which Solace received 4 stars in Downbeat). He is a world-class pianist/organist with virtuosity as a key ingredient; at home in clubs such as Ronnie Scott’s (where he has performed many times) or at festivals in Europe such as Maijazz, London and Jazz Baltica.

“A compelling beautiful series of performances, authoritative, disciplined and full of warmth” – Ray Comiskey, The Irish Times

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