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Anyone who loves jazz has at some point encountered the music Latin Jazz fusionist & flutist Dave Valentin! Yep, “PURE IMAGINATION” is definitely on my short list to purchase when it’s released in a couple of Weeks!


Dave Valentin -][- PURE IMAGINATION -(MP3)- [HighNote]

Jazz flutist Dave Valentin is a South Bronx native of Puerto Rican descent. He has played flute at Carnegie Hall and venues around the world.

At a young age, Valentin had aptitude as a percussionist andwas driven to do the best he could. At the age of 17, his focus switched from percussion to wind instruments. He picked up the flute in pursuit of a girl who played flute — and quickly played circles around her, discovering the talent that made him a star.

Dave Valentin has spent the past twenty-one years playing a versatile jazz style, marked by nimble insistent syncopation of a rocking salsa laced with tropical mystery and played on a variety of ethnic and classical flutes. He was trained at the High School of Music and Art. His unorthodox technique emphasizes the percussive side of flute playing. His playing comes from the heart and the spirit of an international culture, a combination of Brazilian, R&B, salsa, meringue, Latin, funk, and jazz. —The Bronx Mall

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