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Marcus Anderson - NOW

Marcus Anderson [-] NOW -(MP3)- [Anderson Music, 2011]

No one can deny the energy created during a live performance; it’s magical how an artist can mix with the audience and make that moment powerful and memorable. That’s exactly what saxophonist Marcus Anderson’s intent was when he recorded NOW, his third solo CD. He was determined to capture that energy from his live shows, and make NOW his most dynamic, joyful, and creative recording yet. Joining Marcus on NOW is Four80East, Nicholas Cole, Julian Vaughn, Nate Najar, Marcus Cole and Marcel Anderson.

Each artist has a special connection to Anderson’s live performances and understands what he wanted to capture. NOW is rich with 13 solid tunes; 11 originals that show his vibrant horn playing, a couple of stylish R & B vocals and two fan favorites: Smokey Robinson’s “Cruisin” and “Remember the Time”, a Michael Jackson cover. Marcus Anderson’s NOW will rock you, groove you, move you and fill you with the energy that you feel when you see him perform live.

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