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Craig Taborn [|] AVENGING ANGEL – [ECM, 2011]

Avenging Angel, a powerful, creative and rigorously uncompromising album, is the first unaccompanied solo disc in Craig Taborn’s discography as well as the first ECM recording issued under his name. The album was recorded in the exceptional acoustic of the recital room at Lugano’s Studio RSI, with Manfred Eicher producing.

The disc follows several distinguished `sideman’ appearances for ECM, including three Roscoe Mitchell albums – Nine To Get Ready, Composition / Improvisation Nos. 1, 2 & 3 and the recent Far Side – as well as Michael Formanek’s The Rub and Spare Change, Evan Parker’s Boustrophedon and David Torn’s Prezens. Taborn (born 1970) has been widely-valued for his resourcefulness as an improviser, in and out of the jazz tradition, since the early 1990s, when his work with saxophonist James Carter’s groups drew the attention of musicians, press and listeners alike. His own groups have since explored a range of options, and he’s also been at the forefront of experiments cross referencing jazz and electronics. In this regard his 2004 album Junk Magic (on the Thirsty Ear label), has been cited as a pioneering work, and Craig has repeatedly been voted #1 Rising Star Keyboardist in the DownBeat Critics Poll.

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