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Dingman is Joined by Several of New York’s Finest Players:

Album Receives Lavish Praise from The New York TimesThe BBC’s Jazz on 3,
Time Out New YorkThe Village VoiceThe Hartford Advocate,
The New York City Jazz RecordHot House

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Chris Dingman - Waking Dreams

“Mr. Dingman’s own style stands out: he uses it not just for melody and percussion but also for sound, in long, smoky chords beaming out like floodlighting.”
– Ben Ratliff, The New York Times

“First and foremost, what you get from this record is this strong, very mysterious, very enthralling atmosphere throughout.”
– Kevin Le Gendre, BBC 3, Jazz on 3

“The year is still relatively young, but vibraphonist Chris Dingman has already notched what’s certain to be one of its watershed recordings: Waking Dreams, a gorgeous, contemplative sequence of moody original compositions played by an outstanding band…”
– Steve Smith, Time Out New York

“If you believe that ballads deserve the same taut interplay as uptempo tunes, you’re likely down with vibraphonist Dingman, whose new Waking Dreams is a suite of reflections that rebuffs somnambulance with inventive exchange after inventive exchange.”
– Jim Macnie, The Village Voice

“Vibraphonist Chris Dingman has become one of jazz’s young leading lights.”
– Michael Hamad, Hartford Advocate

“Chris Dingman has already shown his improvisatory gifts and innate lyricism in Steve Lehman’s quintet and octet and Harris Eisenstadt’s Canada Day. His debut as a band leader, Waking Dreams, a suite, is a kind of continuous reverie in which densities shift and complexities arise to be ultimately resolved in washes of shimmering metallic overtones.”
– Stuart Broomer, The New York City Jazz Record

“His own compositional creativity is on full display with Waking Dreams, an exquisite fourteen-movement suite being issued this month. Its harmonies, rhythms and textures reflect [an] abiding interest in non-Western musics.”
– Paul Blair, Hot House

“Chris Dingman’s Waking Dreams is a meticulously crafted album that’s equally as strong as the sum of its parts.”
– Anthony Dean-Harris, Nextbop.com

About Waking Dreams:

Dreams have a mysterious way of revealing us to ourselves; their unique leaps of space, time and logic are unlike the stories we invent in our waking states, but can provide a similar sense of emotional unfolding and self-realization.

Vibraphonist/composer Chris Dingman’s Waking Dreams recreates that experience in the form of a suite of new music that travels over its 14 tracks from darkness to light, from hazy melancholy to serene peace, while moving, often obliquely, through moments and memories from the composer’s life.

As the album’s title implies, the effort of writing music from these experiences and capturing their elusive connections was a fully conscious one, expressed via hours spent toiling over sheet music rather than under a deep sleep. But actual late-night visions did intrude onto the process, Dingman reveals.

“The name Waking Dreams, came about partially because I was having dreams about the music,” he says. “Especially dreams where I was in and out of sleep, having semi-realistic experiences pertaining to playing music.”

Since his 2007 arrival in New York, Dingman has performed with leaders as diverse asSteve LehmanAdam RudolphGerald ClaytonJen ShyuAmbrose Akinmusire,Noah Baerman and Harris Eisenstadt, netting him a place in the 2009 and 2010Downbeat Critics Polls as a Rising Star on vibraphone.

Release date: June 21, 2011


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