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Juan Andrés Ospina, BBB

Juan Andrés Ospina -][- BBB: Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston -(MP3)- [Armored Records, 2009]

BBB – is the debut album of Colombian composer and pianist Juan Andrés Ospina. Through the use of skilled craftsmanship, Ospina translates his rich imagination into beautiful compositions and arrangements written for a sextet of fine young emerging multi-national artists.

In BBB, Ospina crafts elements of his native Colombian music into a fresh, new sound by artfully blending them with traditional jazz elements. His compositions make use of creatively orchestrated melodies and exploratory improvisations to tastefully alternate between beautiful sections of tranquility to more brooding and darker episodes. All of these elements combine to show that BBB is a creative and unique albim that marks the beginning of what promises will be a long and exciting career of this talented musician.

“Juan Ospina’s irresistible new CD BBB: Barcelona, Bogotá, Boston, is a landmark. It stands with authority as a milestone pointing back and forward (…) It marks without debt the ‘arrival’ of Juan Ospina as a young master already having a uniquely valuable impact on listeners, professional musicians and ambitious artists of all kinds.” (Christopher Lyndon, Radio Open Source)

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