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The Jae Sinnett Trio - THEATRE

The Jae Sinnett Trio -][- THEATRE -(MP3)- [J-Nett Music, 2011]

Hello friends. I present to you my tenth recording as a leader and first live date…”Theatre.” In my other professional life…now as a 20 year broadcaster as jazz/host/producer for “Sinnett In Session” and “The R&B Chronicles” on NPR affiliate WHRV FM in Norfolk VA…I get to hear a lot great jazz from extraordinary musicians. Through this listening over the years I’ve noticed a shifting in the conceptual direction of the music in terms of rhythmic feel and structural style and intentions. There is a very deep heady-ness to much the music today. It’s intellectually stimulating more than it is in emotional content in my view. I’ve been guilty of this methodology of playing too. So I decided to not think about this project in terms of writing advanced compositional structures…with secondary intentions of attempting to showcase virtuosic playing as in the 2008 release… “It’s Telling…A Drummer’s Perspective”.

I started to miss the foundational naturalness of the feel of jazz…along with the soul of the push and pull pulse and the basic fundamentals of swing and groove. The soulful music I grew up with never really affected me through intellectual process but rather from within a deeply rooted connection I had that was so profoundly connected to the blues, gospel, spirituals, hymns and soul… from a child. That music always stayed with me. I started to ask myself…why is it that I have such a hard time remembering little of the current music two months down the road? My conclusion…if I can’t feel it… it’s not going to live with me over time.

I’m 53 now and have lived through a lot of great music and what I remember about that music is that it always felt good to me first and foremost. Anything else good it gave me was the proverbial cherry on the topping. So with “Theatre,” my objectives were to simply play from the heart…with absolutely no editing…with these two amazing musicians. Play songs we’ve played for a long time with simplistic beauty, extraordinary passion and soulful energy. I guess you can say by today’s standards it’s old school thinking. Heck, I even wanted to record analog…which we did…because I think it captures the “room” sound in a way that digital can’t. My opinion of course but for me, the concept of how we approached the playing and the recording is very logical in terms of the intended continuity. The imperfections don’t sound imperfect to my flappers. There are imperfections but the strength of the truth in how we’re playing the music brings to it a level of humanness that’s rare in my view… in the pro-tools era.

Terry’s playing is strong and swingin as ever and Justin is frankly…explosive. The technical wizardry rears its head occasionally but as the exception…not the rule. Yes, I guess you can tell I’m very proud of “Theatre.” I’m proud of the friendship the three of us have. I’m proud of the courage we have to go out and play fearlessly. I’m proud of the soul and feel we put into this music. We sincerely hope that the listening experience of “Theatre” for you… is as enjoyable as it was for us playing the music. Blessings, Jae Sinnett (LINER NOTES)

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