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Cristiano Parato, RIDING GIANTS

Cristiano Parato -][- Riding Giants [Videroadio, 2012]

[Biography] – I’m Cristiano Parato, I was born on 22 April 1970 in the small Piedmontese City of Bra. I started to play the bass guitar when I was fourteen, and was taught by Marco Gallesi, ex “Arti & Mestieri”.

My passion for music led me to appreciate various types of music, and I was greatly influenced by Sting and Jaco Pastorius. Naturally studying the bass guitar enabled me to meet and appreciate many other great bassists like Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller and Michael Manring.

Song writing has always been a great passion of mine and in fact at the beginning of the 90’s, I started to study harmony and other areas related to song writing. After this, I recorded my first two CDs, “La mia vita non è qui”, 1997, “Anima dentro”, 2004, in which I wrote the lyrics, played the majority of instruments, and sang. Following this important step, I dedicated myself to the study of my instrument, the bass guitar, and began to write instrumental music.

Thanks to a great partnership between Turinese saxophonist Diego Mascherpa and keyboard player Mauro Fede, I achieved my dream, and released my first instrumental CD “Instrumental project ‘70” in 2008.

A year later, I had the great honor, to work with the legendary American guitarist, Scott Henderson, resulting in my second CD “Ostinato bass”.

On this CD along with the “devoted” Mauro Fede and Diego Mascherpa, played the exceptional drummer Lele Melotti.

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